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Jeff Hamilton


Written and Performed by JEFF HAMILTON

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"Black Sand" & "A Long Way Down"

Written and Performed by Joe Firstman

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Joe Firstman

"Fish On A Hook"

WRitten and Performed by Wild Rivers

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Written and Performed by Cinjun Tate


Cinjun Tate
Scott Dion Brown

"You Will Not Say"

Written by Scott Dion Brown and Performed by Symphony of Nine

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"Everything Moves" & "Gone"

Written and Performed by MOrgan Woods

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"Pink Azaleas"

Written and Performed by The Forgotten 45's


The Forgotten 45's
Danny Shipley

"Call To The Waves"

Written and Performed by Danny Shipley

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"We Luv The Sunshine"

Written by Johnno Casson and Performed by Snippet

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Lyne Tremblay

"Your Heart Belongs To You"

Written by Big Rude Jake and Performed by Lyne Tremblay

Produced by Matt Zimbel



"Clean It Up" &  "Hum" &
"Tired of Holding You Down"

Written and Performed by Michael Cram

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Michael Cram

"Fever Dream"

Written by Adam James Tomlinson and Performed by More Than Skies

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That Noise

"Everywhere You Are"

Written and Performed by That Noise

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"Cracker Jacks"

Written and Performed by Amy Jo Johnson

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Amy Jo Johnson